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Sigma produces a range of tiling tools to compliment your tile cutter and achieve professional results. Included in this are tile wedges and tile spacers in a selection of widths and pack quantities to suit you tiling job whether large or small. The grouting flout is for use when applying grout to wall or floor tiles, while the sponge trowel can be used afterwards to clean tiling. Both have pads which can be replaced when they wear out, saving you time and money on replacing the whole tool.

Our Rubi tiling tool range includes a Maintenance Kit to keep your tile cutter in tip top condition and a full collection of scoring wheels to fit all the models. Replacement breakers are available for the popular TS and TS Plus models. Rubi Batten Stands give support and a level line when laying tiles and the notched trowels to spread adhesive quickly and evenly. Other useful accessories include grout saws, floats, tile spacers in a variety of sizes and when you need to clean newly laid tiles the Rubi Washboy quickly and effortlessly remove excess water and debris fragments from your sponge.