Our range of safety footwear includes Safety Boots, Safety Shoes & Safety Trainers from top brands including CAT Footwear and Dewalt. All safety footwear has to meet certain requirements in line with EN ISO 20345. This is a European safety standard that ensures that they have been tested effectively as stated by the standard and has certain properties that must be adhered to. Safety footwear provides crucial protection for your feet while you're on the job, with a steel toe cap or composite toe cap as standard to protect against crush injuries occurring on site or in the workplace. On construction sites there is a risk of sharp objects such as nails, glass, metal, wire or tacks penetrating through the sole, a mid-sole plate is recommended. While steel is normally used for toe caps and midsoles, some manufacturers are now using composite materials for these instead. These offer the same strength as their steel counterparts while reducing the overall weight. Our range incorporate steel nail plates, anti-static properties and water-proofing features covering footwear for the service industry, light industrial and heavy industrial use. All our range have been designed specifically for the safety of tradesmen and women, service and industrial users around the world including General Builders, Bricklayers, Scaffolders, Roofers, Tilers, Highway Contractors and Carpenters.