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Tool venture have everything you need for marking out, cutting, laying, grouting and cleaning tiles. Our wide range of manual tile cutters, tiling tools and accessories are from brands Sigma and Rubi. Both are market leading brands so you can be confident that whatever tile cutter you choose for your tiling needs you will achieve professional results.

Our Sigma range includes the popular Sigma Standard and 3 Series plus the bestselling Max Series and Technica. The latest addition to the range is the Klick Klock Series. Tile cutter parts include replacement scoring wheels which are available in both Tungsten Carbide and Titanium.We also stock a carry case to store and transport your tile cutter securely. The Sigma brand continues to grow their reputation for excellence due to their accuracy, design and durability.

Our range of Rubi tile cutters are for professional and DIY use and have a choice of cutting lengths to cut large or small tiles. Our bestselling models include Rubi TS 60 and TS 60 Plus, TR and TX-N series. The popular Rubi TX 700 and TX 900 are suitable for the more demanding tiling jobs. For DIY users, Star series are the best entry level tile cutters that are suitable for jobs that are light duty with ceramic tiles.