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Rubi manual tile cutters are suitable for professional and DIY use, with a choice of cutting lengths to suit even the largest of tiles. We stock the most popular models including the Rubi TS 60 and TS 60 Plus, and the newer models TR and TX-N series, including the popular TX 700N and TX 900N for larger tiles. For home DIY users, the Rubi Star series are entry level tile cutters and are suitable for light duty tiling jobs with ceramic tiles. We stock a full range of spare parts to prolong the life of your tile cutter or add to its features. Spare tungsten carbide wheels can replace a worn out one, or a different size wheel can increase the versatility of your machine when needing to cut different materials. We have replacement breaker and handles and the handy maintenance kit contains everything needed to clean and maintain your Rubi manual tile cutter to ensure a smooth operation.