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The Estwing range includes curved claw and straight claw hammers for carpentry and long handled hammers for framing and building. A range is also available for the specialist trades including bricklayers, roofers and dry liners. Handle grips are in nylon vinyl or bound in leather for a more traditional style and come in a range of weights to suit the individual’s preference. Estwing hammers are made in the USA and also offer several English pattern hammers. Estwing’s shock reduction grip introduced in 2001 provides users with the best available grip for reducing vibrations caused by impact. This grip offers the utmost in both comfort and durability and is now available on all nylon vinyl grip tools. A revolution was made in 2003 with the development of Estwing’s Weight Forward hammers. These have a fibreglass handle and place 70% of the weight at the head, delivering maximum power for more efficient nailing. The weight forward hammer also uses the shock resistant vinyl grip, to ensure a 50% reduction in shock during use.