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For over 120 years the Marshalltown Company has become established as one of the largest manufacturers of construction tools for working with brick, stone, concrete, drywall plaster and tiles. Initially specialising in the production of trowels, Marshalltown has become one of the largest manufacturers of drywall, plastering and masonry tools in the world. Their product lines now include the Q.L.T. brand, developed for the DIY user and everyday handyman. One of the best finishing trowels made is the Marshalltown Broken-In PermaShape. This trowel will work straight out of the box and no longer require a break-in period. They have blades guaranteed to never lose their shape and each blade is shaped to eliminate trowel marks. The working edges of the blade are also bevelled to prevent aggregate popping. Cement and finishing trowels are available in various sizes with stainless steel blades and Durasoft soft feel handle grips.