Our wide range of Sigma Tile Cutters is perfect for professional users. Made in Italy since 1964, the range includes the best-selling Standard and 3 Series, the increasingly popular Max Series and Technica Tile Cutters, plus the newest addition; the Klick Klock Series. We also stock replacement scoring wheels in both Tungsten Carbide and Titanium, as well as the Sigma Tile Cutter case to store and transport your tile cutter safely.

All Sigma tile cutters, tiling tools and accessories have been specifically designed to the highest standards with accuracy that professional Tilers have come to rely on. All design work is carried out internally and rigorous checks and tests are performed at every stage to ensure the finished tiling products meet the highest standards of safety and strength in compliance with current European legislation. Sigma’s reputation continues to grow internationally due to the impressive range of tile cutters that give the perfect cut and are built to outperform other manual tile cutters.

Their inspiring range of tile-cutters, tiling tools and tiling accessories guarantee everything the professional tradesman needs for marking out, precision cutting, laying and grouting.