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Wiss is a premier scissors, snips and specialty trade tools brand now part of Apex Tool Group and has been the leading brand in aviation snips for over 75 years.

Wiss Aviation Snips were originally designed to cut extremely tough alloys used in the aviation industry but are now widely used by all those involved in cutting sheet metal. Their compound action allows Wiss snips to cut faster and with half the effort than conventional snips.

The handles are made from high strength steel and colour coded for identification. The non-slip serrated jaws are made from tough and wear resistant molybdenum steel to resist cutting strain and a self-opening action ensures that material can be quickly fed through the jaws. When not in use, a protective safety latch keeps the jaws securely closed.

Wiss M1R Aviation Snips Left Cut has a Red Handle and cut left from tight curves to straight.
Wiss M2R Aviation Snips Right Cut has a Green Handle and cut right from tight curves to straight.
Wiss M3R Aviation Snips Straight Cut has a Yellow Handle and cuts straight, left or right.