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Safety gloves protect your hands against injury and can also provide improved grip. Ironclad has recognized the need for task specific work gloves, creating new designs using high tech materials and innovative ideas, which have made them the world leader in performance safety gloves. Our choice of task related safety gloves provide dexterity, protection and performance and are invaluable when working in the Construction trade, with hand tools and power tools, landscaping, plumbing and freight handling. For carpentry or framing work a fingerless or 3-short finger design is perfect for extra dexterity allowing nails to be picked up with ease. Oil resistant palms are beneficial for mechanics or other greasy working environments. Many of the styles can be used in the work environment and around the home, plus they can also be used for fishing, recreation and sports.

Ironclad safety gloves are multifunctional with a choice of abrasion levels (the higher the level, the tougher the job) combined with flexibility, breathable materials, padded inner palms, non-slip grips, and waterproof or oil resistant options. Portwest safety gloves are fantastic value with many designs sold in a handy pack of 12 pairs. Portwest safety impact gloves are sold singularly and are a heavy duty design with advanced impact proof technology. The rubber backing and finger guards greatly reduce the risk of injury to the hand and are oil and water resistant.